The Dream Lives On…

This year Martin Luther King Day passed very quietly:  unfortunately, it was eclipsed by a certain Presidential Inauguration, and rather than focus on the significance of the National Holiday, the media turned its attention to other pressing matters (nothing new there!)… 


But the passing of Martin Luther King Day did not lose its significance – certainly not for us.  Martin Luther King paved the way to equality for ALL people of color in this nation, at great cost.  As a result, life is significantly better today for all minorities – to be sure, we no longer deal with the gross inequalities that existed in our parents and especially our grandparents time.  Nevertheless, we as a Nation have not yet arrived at a perfectly colorblind society…but, the Dream, Martin Luther King’s Dream, lives on in us, and hopefully, in our children.

Recently, we decided to spend Easter Sunday in Washington DC and visit the monuments.  We left very early and attended a Korean sunrise worship service at the Lincoln Memorial.  Several hundred Koreans worshipped in their native tongue and lifted their voices together in song to their Creator…no, we don’t speak Korean – but it was magnificent nonetheless.  After visiting the Jefferson and Roosevelt Memorials, to round out the day we decided to visit the Martin Luther King Memorial…which had been completed just a year or two before.

We arrived early in the morning with great anticipation as very few people were in attendance.  Now, I’m always one to take an “unspoiled” image of the monuments, so I waited for a clear shot of the iconic statue.  Just as I was about the take my shot, a little  boy ran in front of me and excitedly started taking snapshots.  Thinking, “The shot is ruined!”, I almost gave up and would have left empty-handed.

But wait!  Here was a boy, probably no older than my granddaughter, excitedly photographing his idol…THIS WAS the shot!   Not a dry portrait in homage to a bygone hero, but a living, breathing embodiment of “The Dream” right in front of me!  I hurriedly captured the scene before the boy left and shared his prize with his parents.  The remainder of the trip was anticlimactic – we already had our shot of the day!   And the capstone was the title, which my wife and I thought up on the drive home…”The Dream Lives On”…and it most certainly does.