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Viñales, Cuba : A Timeless Gem

Cuban Farm house in Viñales.

In our recent trip to Cuba, one of the first places we decided to visit was Viñales, about 2 1/2 hours southwest of Habana, near Pinar Del Rio.    

We wanted to see the famous mogotes, the limestone “haystack” mountains so prominently featured in the area.  So off we went with Pedro, our chofer

Posted by urbanviewphoto@gmail.com on

Cuba – A Photographic Journey

La Bandera Cubana (The Cuban Flag)

Cuba.  The word evokes images of classic cars, ancient crumbling facades and warm smiling faces.  

But Cuba is more than a cliche…it is a country at a crossroad, with a people tired of being regarded as an anachronism and yearning to catch up with the world at large they perceive thru modern media.